If you are able to dance properly the lap dance or some special dance please let us know about it!!!

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  • 18 years or older;
  • Professional dancer with solid experience;
  • Basic technique in a wide range of styles;
  • Versatility: Different styles of dance or other dance abilities
  • Ability to arouse the public;
  • Motivation: Ability to perform the same show 8 to 10 times a week and that is something new every time.
  • Talent to improvise;
  • Good physical condition.


  • The Paradise Club and its associated partners use candidate profile information;
  • When you’ve submitted the application, applicants submitting the material via a link to a video demo state that they agree that our team will remove this material from the link if necessary to add it to their profiles;

We are excited to discover your talent! We appreciate your interest.


Your resume should tell us:

  • Where you have learned and improved your skills: for example, the schools you attended, gymnastics clubs, music conservatories, etc.
  • If you are self-taught and you have learned the skills yourself, tell us all about it.

The main discipline in which you are in circulation, specifying:

  • The success levels you have achieved.
  • Your experience on stage, in competitions and at sponsored exhibitions or other events.
  • Other disciplines with which you may be familiar or experienced.
  • Your full address, phone number, e-mail address.
  • Anything else about you that you want to share.


Vous devez nous fournir une ou plusieurs photos au premier plan qui montrent clairement votre visage et le contour de votre corps et votre personnalité!